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Graduation Information

2023-24 Graduation will take place on June 27, 2024
in the Vibank Regional School Gymnasium

"​The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Valedictorian Selection Criteria

Vibank Regional School believes that the Valedictorian must be a well-rounded and successful individual whose accomplishments reflect the values of the community and Prairie Valley School Division. The valedictorian has the honour and responsibility to represent the entire graduating class at the graduation ceremony. The student selected for this honour will have met the provincially determined requirements for graduation, demonstrated our school values throughout their time in high school as well as in their time in the community at large.

The five students with the highest average based on the criteria listed below will be asked to submit an application outlining their achievements.  The selected candidate will be chosen, based on their submission, outlined in the criteria below, by a committee consisting of the principal, vice-principal, graduate advisors, and high school teachers.

When submitting their application, we want to make sure that students represent themselves in the best light possible, please be sure to include all information regarding the school values, outlined below, from all your commitments including school initiatives and personal accomplishments.

The Value of Learning

  • Academic achievement is worthy of special recognition, as such, each student's academic standing, calculated at the mid-point of the second semester of their graduating year, will be used to determine their average. This year that date will be April 08, 2024.
    This grade will include the final/current average of the following classes: ELA20, ELA30A, ELA30B, highest average in a 20 and 30 level course for science, social science, and math. Also, the highest average in a 20 or 30 level elective.

The Value of Collaboration

  • Students that show collaboration through developing strong student body school spirit is essential to the values at VRS. Students who participate in spirit days regularly, attend school events in a positive capacity outside the school day and demonstrate the characteristics of a positive role model to our student body will be given recognition for their commitment to collaboration.
  • Leadership skills are a valued attribute to society both within the school environment and the broader community. Students that demonstrate initiative, organizational skills, and the ability to lead school-based activities will be given recognition for their dedication to fostering the traits of leadership.

The Value of Engagement

  • One of the most important aspects of school engagement is the ability to maintain a high attendance rate throughout your academic high school years. As such, students achieving a 90% attendance rate or better, extenuating circumstances notwithstanding, will be given recognition for their engagement within their learning.
  • Being engaged not only in your academics but also in the variety of extracurricular activities offered at VRS demonstrates a well-rounded engaged student. Students who participate in at least one of our extra-curricular activities will be given recognition for their participation throughout their time in high school
  • As a school, we recognize that many students have chosen activities that are not included in our extensive list of offerings at VRS. As such, contributions, and skills that students have been recognized and honoured for within their community groups are as important as those within our school community and will be recognized while making our decision.
  • Additionally, we recognize that many high school students have work obligations over and above school expectations. As such we will take work obligations into consideration when making our decisions.

The Value of Integrity

  • VRS believes in integrity. Our valedictorian should demonstrate their ability to be a positive role model. The chosen student will strive to meet these high moral expectations by being truthful, respectful, open-minded, and inclusive, consistently, both in the classroom and in the community.

The Value of Empathy

  • At VRS we believe that our valedictorian should strive to display selfless behaviours and act with compassion towards others. Empathy is important within our school as well as in our community. Students who act in a cooperative and compassionate manner, maintain an open mind, and embrace diversity will be given special consideration to be chosen as the valedictorian.
For information regarding the graduation ceremony please contact Ms. Davis at [email protected]