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Hand Book

Our Vision:

At Vibank Regional School we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of all while fostering a collaborative environment where teaching and learning is engaging. Students are empowered to pursue excellence and lifelong learning.

Our Purpose:

At Vibank Regional School our purpose is to partner with parents and community to foster a climate of high expectations, compassion and integrity in which all students are empowered through their participation in school clubs, athletics and the arts but most importantly through their learning.

Our Motto:

Inspire. Empower. Learn.

Beliefs and Commitment Statements


We believe in learning.  Staff will provide engaging and relevant learning opportunities while meeting the diverse needs and learning styles of students.  Students will engage in this process by actively participating in their learning to the very best of their ability.


We believe in collaboration. Staff will foster collaboration by creating supportive, safe and a respectful school environment both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will contribute to the collaborative process by way of supporting each other, sharing the workload and embracing school beliefs.


We believe in empathy.  Staff will be supportive, inclusive and take an interest in all people within the school community.  Students will act in a cooperative manner, maintain an open mind, and embrace diversity.  All people at VRS will strive to display selfless behaviours and act with compassion.


We believe in engagement.  Staff will nurture engagement by providing learning opportunities which encourage student involvement in addition to being involved members of the larger school community.  Students will be active participants in their own learning process and at school.


We believe in integrity.  Staff will be respectful and honest with students, community members and each other.  They will be positive role models.  Students will strive to meet these high moral expectations by being truthful, respectful, and just.